Huge bear of a man with a massive beard


Kulgas, the founder and namesake of The Red knightmare, stands a full 6’6" tall and is heavily muscled. He is scarred, like a man that has fought for most of his life. Normally he is decked out on horseback in full red plate armour. However due to the deep snow in the Asgard he currently wears a suit of chainmail. He carries a large thrusting broadsword, a mace and a medium shield. He is deadly in combat and has won a number of tournament in Aquilonia, both on horseback and foot. He has the respect of his men and treats them well. Kulgas has a great liking of the men under his command, despite their often ‘checkered’ pasts, and he values their lives highly, although he would never reveal that to them. He is tight lipped about where he is from or about his life prior to founding his own mercenary company. In battle Kulgas leads the small contingent of heavy cavalry.



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