mercenary looking to make his fortune


Previously engaged as a town guard in Gunderland, northern Aquilonia, Thorsten signed up with the ill-fated “Red Nightmare” mercenary company after hearing their tales of easy money and easier women! Callous and greedy by nature, Thorsten is not easy to get along with, but there’s no better man to stand along side you in a shield wall; which goes along way in a fighting company to making up for a deplorable personality. He’ll hold his ground against any number of mortals; man or beast, but has no stomach for dealing with magic or it’s practitioners…

Currently Thorsten is in the company of other “Red Nightmare” survivors; Sameer and the Kurgen. Accepting of the Kurgen as the simple-minded killing machine that it is, he doesn’t mind his company (despite him clearly being a northern barbarian). Sameer on the other hand is a filthy, eastern card cheat who has stolen an amount of Thorsten’s money and lost him his horse whilst asleep on watch; this Thorsten will either take from Sameer’s purse or his hide! Besides; he smells like a week-dead-dog…


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