The Hyborian Age

Session 3

The character rested for a while in the Wolverines lair before journeying on.

Ice cathedralBefore long they entered a large cavern of amazingly complex ice formations. Looking up Sameer urged caution as he spied hundreds of icy stalactites hanging from the ceiling, however Thorsten and Kurgen simply raised their shields over their heads and walked into the cavern. Before they had reached halfway stalactites began to drop from above, disturbed by the sound of heavy boots. The two warriors were safe under their shields and armour but Sameer was pelted by numerous small projectiles. Spying a passageway off to the felt the group made for that as the icy missiles continued to fall.

The side passage twisted and turned through the glacier, eventually opening out into a large oval cavern. As the group entered two green luminescent orbs stared at them from the far end. Peering into the gloom revealed a large ice worm, a Remora! Its body was curled up in the hollow and as they watched it began to uncoil, its entire boneless form covered in a silken coat of thick white fur. RemoraIts mouth opened to reveal a jawless circular opening filled with teeth and a purple tongue flickered out. Above the jaw the two eyes gleamed out of a smooth rounded, featureless eel-like head. It uncoiled fully and rears up. It was easily 40’ long. As the three adventurers spread out and readied weapons it slithered forward to attack!

Two two warriors stood side by side, shields raised, as they hacked and prodded chunks out of the creature, while Sameer moved to the side and tried to pop its eyes with well placed arrows. The creature was creature seemed to be almost frozen and weapons met a great resistance as they went in. Eventually Kurgan managed to hack his way into the side of the creature and chop its head clean off! As a prize Kurgan took one of the creatures frozen eyeballs and Sameer collected as many teeth as he could.

As they turned to leave the cave Thorsten and Sameer noticed a hole 6ft up in the cave wall, through which blew a draft of fresh air. The adventurers clambered up into this and found them selves in a rock cave which continued on for miles, eventually exiting on the southern side of the mountains in Cimmeria. Luckily Sameer knew exactly where they were and the three struck off in the direction of Ilgas village, 3 days travel to the southeast.

After an uneventful 2 days they met a party of Cimmerian hunters, who gave them more accurate directions and told them that Ilgas father, Barak, was a well known blacksmith in the village of Algar’s valley. The PCs continued on until they reached the village.

Algars valley lay in a bend in the river and consisted of a dozen houses, communal hut, food storage silo and blacksmiths. There was also a mine entrance in the valley side. They met Barak and gave him the pendant, which he had made for Ilga when she was a small girl. Distraught he asked them to return the next day and he arranged for them to stay in the communal hut at the center of the village.

Returning to Barak the next day he told the party that, as thanks for bringing news of his daughters death, they could take a weapon each from his smithy. As the players searched he called over Sameer and offered a proposition. If the party agreed to head into the foothills 2 days to the northeast and deal with some bandits that had been raiding local caravans then Barak would make them a superior weapon each. For Sameer he would make 40 arrowheads. The party agreed and Barak called the village bowyer to make the arrows for Sameer. First the PCs would have to travel a few hours to the east and collect some appropriate yew branches for the arrows. Travelling to the forest they had an uneventful few hours looking for the right kind of tree, although Thorsten and Sameer swore they saw yellow eyes peering at them from the darkness.

When they returned to Algar’s Valley Barak told them that it would take 5-6 days to make their weapons. The bandits were using an old Hyperborean fortress as their base in the foothills and that there were about a dozen of them. They had taken many of Baraks goods from caravans and he wanted them back. The foothills were an area that the Cimmerian tribesmen didn’t like to go as the tall tower in the next valley was supposed to be haunted with ‘things’ living there.

The party traveled to the fort, arriving early in the day to find it deserted. It consisted of a curtain wall and central keep set against a cliff.Some of the wooden elements, such as the gates, had recently been repaired and the stonework was still in good condition. They entered and found a prisoner in the basement, Herod. He was a merchant that had been captured by the bandits. Any other prisoners had been taken away, he didn’t know where to but the bandits were most likely taking slaves. As the party explored the keep they found a wagon in need of repair (the wheel was off), Baraks goods along with goods from other caravans, a letter with the words ‘the baron’, ‘Camlin’, ‘shipments’, and ‘reinforcements’. They also found a letter from someone in Algar’s valley giving details of caravans leaving for the north and east. On the roof they found a pigeon coop. When they opened one of the doors a pigeon escaped and flew off to the east.

In the basement the party discovered a trapdoor with a bronze ladder leading down. Kurgan, being impulsive, jumped down and the others were forced to follow, leaving Herod to fix the wagon and start loading it. After following a tunnel for a while they came up in to the tower. Ascending to the top they met Allanon, a White Hand wizard, deposed by his rivals and apprentice. He gave the party means to enter his old tower in the Hyperborean town of Pelenar and asked that they retrieve a hairbrush from his old quarters. A simple task he said.

The Party returned to the fort to find the bandits returning up the slope. Rushing forwards they shut the gates.

The banditsAs the bandits began to move out of the trees the party were horrified they now numbered nearly 50 men, who formed up into orderly ranks. These weren’t mere bandits! The leader, who introduced himself as Camlin strode forward and asked the party to vacate his home, he had new friends to entertain! If they left his goods he would let them live. They refused.

Camlin recognized Kurgan, who fought as a gladiator in Hyperborea and challenged him to single combat. As the Kurgan left the fort Camlin ordered his archers to open fire, laughing at Kurgans naivety.

At this point Camlin and his men turned and entered the woods surrounding the forest. minutes later the party heard the sound of trees being felled…..