The Hyborian Age

Session 4


This session saw our intrepid heroes prepare for a siege. The front gates were barricaded and weapons were stacked along the wall in preparation for the attack. Kurgan took one wall, Thorsten another and Sameer took up a sniping position from one of the towers.

As night was falling the first wave attacked. Two groups of men charged from the trees carrying ladders, undercover of crossbowmen at the tree line. They quickly retreated after taking only a few casualties, the ‘bandits’ dragging their wounded back into the safety of the treeline. Camlin could be seen just in the treeline, counting the defenders no doubt….

After a restless nights sleep waiting for another attack the second wave came just after dawn. This time a large number of men, covered again by crossbowmen, charged out from the woods carrying four ladders. Upon gaining the walls, after coming under a hail of missiles, they began to press Thorsten and Kurgan back against the stairs. this proved their undoing as the two adventurers used their opponents numbers against them. Kurgan crippled anything that came near, his powerful axe strokes maiming arms and legs, while Thorsten used swift and well practiced thrusts of his spear to quickly take down his opponents. The two mercenaries also had the bonus of Sameer, with an arrow to the back for anyone who flanked too far round to their right side. One bandit rushed past Kurgan and up into the tower, although Sameer is almost as deadly in close combat as he is at range…almost…

Eventually the enemy withdrew to regroup for a final attack. At this point fully a third of their number lay dead. Any wounded were quickly finished off by the bloodthirsty Sameer.

After only a short while a large group charged again out of the woods, carrying a number of ladders and a roughly hewn battering ram. Shield-bearing men protected those carrying siege equipment as they moved forwards. Large numbers gained the walls and pushed Thorsten and Kurgan back, while crossbowmen took pot shots at Sameer on the tower. Meanwhile the battering ram pounded at the gates. Unfortunately for the bandits just as they managed to breach the gates Kurgan and Thorsten finished off their opponents on the walls. As the bandits charged into the fort they were met by the two deadly mercenaries, who descended the stairs from opposite sides and began to deal the same fate to those on the ground as they had given to those on the walls. After only a short scuffle in the gateway the bandits retreated, swiftly, back into the woods to lick their wounds. Kurgan, Thorsten and Sameer watched as Camlin stood forth and congratulated them on their victory. They would meet again he said, and next time he would not underestimate their prowess. With that he moved back into the woods and was gone, heckled as he left by Kurgan. With that the Kurgan and Thorsten began to dress their many wounds…….


Heckle Heckle Heckle!! XD

Session 4