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Sameer feels somewhat entitled to a higher status as he believes he has noble blood in his veins (emphasis on he believes). He has the flaws gluttony, greedy, selfish and bloodlust amongst others. He has excellent vision on the other hand. He is an excellent archer and of above average skill with a short sword. More here once I get my character sheet back assuming he survives the small army that arrived last week.


Sameer is the son of a peasent woman and allegedly a nobleman. Disatisfied with his lot in life and feeling that he deserved more due to his noble blood he seeked to rise above his current position. Traveling to the nearby city of Ghaza at the age of twelve he began to affiliate himself with a group of mercenaries, at first performing menial tasks which he loathed but eventually his skill with a bow was noticed. He would later earn his keep as a scout though he was far from the most diligent of scouts and often prefered the confines of a cool inn over the blistering heat of the desert, still despite it was his due he had no access to the finer things in life. He was able to earn a reasonable amount of money working as a mercenary. He often gambled with the other soldiers often winning more than losing until he had a streak of bad luck. Soon he grew suspicious and became more wary… and he did indeed notice that he was being cheated by some of the other soldiers working together but the captain of the mercenary company’s son was involved. Unable to outright accuse him Sameer fumed at the wrong doing done against him. He could steal the money back but he would likely be caught and killed, he leave but then there would be no vengeance. Late one night he struck upon an idea and while some of the soldiers lay snoring drunkenly he moved to where one of the cheaters lay sleeping and removed his coin purse. Taking half the coin from the purse he hid the purse amongst the captain’s sons belongings. He hid the coin he had taken in some folded cloth and buried it beneath a tree.
He awoke to the sounds of an arguement in the hours of the morning, the hungerover man raging about his lost money. The man began accusing various people including Sameer of stealing from him but could find no proof. As the day wore on towards the afternoon the man’s anger brewed. Feeling he needed to move things along Sameer made sure to accidentally trip and knock the man into the bag. Landing on the hard surface of the coins the man pulled the bag open and found his purse though somewhat lighter in coin. It was not long before the man was bringing his fists down upon the young man’s face quickly. The Mercenary Captain ran the man through and thoroughly beat his son for the disruption. Content that he had recovered at least some of his money and righted the wrong Sameer left the mercenary company a month later and returned to the tree. He set off west with a merchant caravan towards Argos.

His time in the exotic land of Argos was relatively uneventful filled with some rather boring work guarding caravans and doing some scouting work for one or two various companies. He found his appetite for adventure not being satisfied nor his desire for the gold which with his current work fled his purse too quickly. He headed north hoping the cool wild lands there might contain greater opportunities for him, if all he could find there was garrison work then at least he could try to get one more favourable rates working in one of the areas with the activity of the people known as Picts.

To be continued.


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