The Red Knightmare

Aquilonian Mercenary Company


The Red Knightmare was founded by Kulgas, the Red Knightmare himself.

It consists of 55 soldiers and is divided into the following sections

Company Captain Kulgas (The Red Knightmare)
40 infantry led by an Aquilonian Balthus. Split into groups of 10.
5 hvy cavalry led by Kulgas (unknown nationality)
5 crossbowmen led by the Nemedian Vorm
5 Scouts/archers led by a Cimmerian Rorik

In general the men tend to be recruited from scum of society. Some are criminals who Kulgas has bought, some are city guardsmen who seek to make a ‘quick’ profit and some are ex-gladiators. Wherever they come from they are equipped and trained as one and none would dare to defy Kulgas.
Members are free to leave whenever they like. However they must have paid off the equipment they were supplied with and a small extra fee.

As much as these men are rogues and thieves Kulgas has a great fondness for them and does not want to see them unduly slaughtered. If ever the Red Knightmare is in danger from overwhelming numbers and faces sure destruction he gives the order and the unit scatters. Kulgas knows that the men he has recruited are much more able than a common soldier to survive on their own, even if it means stealing their way home. If no rally point has been pre-determined then survivors are to meet in the Aquilonian town of Conthus, which the unit calls its home.

The Red Knightmare

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